Woman confronts Starbucks employee.

Check out this video that went viral a couple of days ago of a woman confronting a Starbucks employee who stole $212 using her debit card info.

On new years day Juana Martinez used her debit card to purchase some Starbucks in Lakewood, CA ,while the transaction was being completed the barista took her card to the back claiming she needed receipt paper. Later on Juana received a messaged from her bank for a charge of $212 at a Ralph.

When she got a description from Ralph of the person who used her card, It matched the description of the barista who took her card to the back. Later on she goes back and confronts the employee.

Crazy stuff! Juana sure loves her Starbucks because even though she went to Confront and humiliate the Starbucks employee she still ordered some Starbucks and from the same employee lol she goes on to yell at her  asking her how the heck she did it, if she was gone for no more than a minute. My question also is that but how the heck did she use her card info at a Ralph without her card??

The barista quickly starts to apologize repeatedly which to me is an admission of guilt. Not only that but she even offers to pay her back 250. To which Juana replies she already got the money back from the bank and that the police were already on thee way and she was going to press charges.

SO! why did she even go ?? To cause drama ? to beat up the employee? then for what? this all seems pretty extra to me. If I heard correctly she even had children in the car.

I wouldn’t say I’m standing up for the girl or anything like that but did she really have to go and confront her and record her? she got her money back and she already pressed charges. Why make her own situation more stressful?

It would be different if she actually went to confront her and come to a resolution and understanding of why she stole from her. Maybe she was going through rough times after all some people do crazy things in desperation.  What do you guys think??

Did the employee get what she deserves ? should we as human beings have more understanding patience and tolerance ?

P.s If a man steals bread to feed his starving family should he go to jail?

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