Winter Warm

I know!!
I know!!
Sorry guys i been M.I.A. I been to busy moving out. I’m relocating to Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s been crazy from starting a new job and looking for an apartment. Lets just say I’m really thankful we have google maps. Why move you ask? Well Chris and I decided that it was time for a change. What best way to change it up, then change the whole scenario. Right?
But enough about that. Let me get right into this look. Which is Inspire by the Sin City weather, and if you been this side of town during this time. You know that weather is great during the day. Nice and warm during the day, then cold and freezing during the night.



I was feeling the weather so much that I decided to wear short sleeve shirt from ASOS, a pretty cool oversize shirt with a zipper pocket on the chest area. Found it online, and thought it was a really interesting piece. I mean who doesn’t love pockets? Especially to hold your mobile devices. Skinny Pants are also from ASOS and sneakers also. The sneakers look great and are comfortable, and got them a sale. #winning !!



DSC_1353 (2)

DSC_1345 (2)
And no this is not post sponsor by ASOS,
But you should definitely go check them out. They got great deals and great styles.



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