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The other day we finally decided it was time to get back on track with exercising and vitamins. Finally!!! for the last month or so we’ve just been killing the handful of vitamins we had left, but it’s actually been about two to three months since we took our full batch. Since I can be a little impatient lol we skipped Amazon and headed straight to Vitamin shoppe down the street.  Take a look at what we came home with.


First off

DSC_0044Rainbow Light food based calcium w/ magnesium and vitamin D

Alex and I don’t drink cows milk because we’re both lactose intolerant. We stick to almond milk. If you want to know more about Almond milk read this.

Calcium helps build bones and keep them healthy. Magnesium helps soothe achy muscles. Vitamin D helps cardiovascular health and your colon.

Rainbow Light mens one multi

first, if you’re taking those Centrum daily vitamins or any mainstream brand you find in a grocery store I recommend you throw that crap out and do your research on something more natural with whole foods. As a matter of fact before you start taking anything for health reasons definitely do your research and don’t just go with something because “they sell it so it must be good”.  This multi vitamin comes with everything  guys need A through Z to be energized, strengthened and protect our bodies. If you feel great you look great!  Rainbow Light is vegetarian friendly, and if you have dairy, gluten, soy or nut allergies they might suit you.

DSC_0048Vitamin Shoppe Ginkgo Biloba Extract

Ginkgo biloba is said to improve blood flow to the brain and boosts memory and cognitive speed.

No shade no read lol But I got this specifically for Alex lol he has a really bad memory. I haven’t gone a day without reminding him about something or should I say everything haha. I’m giving this a try my self. We’ve actually used ginkgo before by a different brand and did notice a slight difference…. I think lol In some studies Ginkgo has been shown to help memory in people with Dementia and Alzheimer.

Vitamin Shoppe Vitamin D3 2000 IU

We received this as a gift with the purchase of the mens multi. D3 provides support for bone health, immune system, and absorption of calcium.  Fun fact! d3 can actually be made by our skin when it’s exposed to sunlight! There are times when the human body really trips me out at how complex and magical it can be.

I have a bad knee caused from a night of running in the night while drinking lol during winter it’ll start aching and It locks up a bit when I go up stairs. I’m 23 and already have  a bad knee haha consequences of having too much fun when you’re young. so Vitamin D3 along with the calcium will do great.

DSC_0049Natrol Omega-3 Flax Seed Oil

Most people get their fatty acids (omega 3) from fish but I get nasty heartburn. I can’t stand the fishy burps either lol  This is a plant-based alternative to get your omega 3.

Omega 3 plays a key role in developing cells in your body. It also helps promote healthy skin and hair. Try them out if you’re having problems with your hair or if you have skin issues like acne. Omega 3 also help lower your cholesterol.



DSC_0050Irwin Naturals Immuno-Shield

This ones a bit tougher to explain lol Immune shield comes with vitamin C, E and Zinc to enhance and support our immune system. Everyone should have some of these. Colds freaking succck!!!! In the brief time we stopped taking them we both got sick on and off. I’m glad we’re getting back on them.

This blend also comes packed with multi herbs echinacea andrographis astragulus cats claw olive leaf oregano oil. They are all popular herbs especially in Asia used for immune support. Don’t worry I didn’t know about this at first lol and no it’s not real cat claws

Bioflavonoids and vitamin E are also used as powerful antioxidants that help fight free radicals to maintain and protect a health respiratory system.


I hope you’ve learned something and really consider some of these vitamins and let us know if they work for you.

By the way, is this anyone else or just me ? haha



An other tip! check out Gts Kombucha If you’re interested in health drinks.

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Enjoy a great day!!!!! or night lol



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