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If you guys follow me on twitter then you will know that I’m a big fan of music. I tweet links of new music a lot. All different types of sounds, new music that at the moment I’m “vibing” to. So I’m always on the look out for new upcoming artists.

Today I want to introduce you to a young man from Las Vegas with a dream of making music. He goes by the name of Last Lxgacy. I hanged out with him on Tuesday and he show me some cool hiking spots here in southern Las Vegas. I got chance to photo shoot him, and may I say we got some pretty cool shots. And also got the chance to know him more personal and know about his goals.

Get to know him guys!! and Keep and ear open.

Check his Soundcloud:  @LastLxgacyiori


Follow him on Twitter @LastLxgacyiori

1. When did you first started to rap?

“Started writing here, and there in middle school, but started writing/recording more on sophomore year while attending Las Vegas High though a friend’s home studio, but didn’t officially released anything till 2015 a mixtape called Nothing gained nothing lost under another alias, Now slowly releasing songs while working on upcoming full projects.”
2.Who are your top 3 rappers that influenced you?
“When it comes to music I listen to all types of music, I gotta say my family & friends/ people around me have shown me amazing musicians that I look up to so I have more than 3 rappers but I’ll give you Ab-soul, Kid Cudi, and Curren$y all for different reasons.”
3.If you could compare your rap style to a famous rapper. Who would it be ?
“I honestly don’t have any comparisons my self but people have compared some of the music I created similar to tribe called quest, Phora, etc but i don’t know.
4.Whats your favorite track you have recorded and why ?
“I would say Accordion is probably one of my favorite songs, because I like how the final version came out I thought it wasn’t gonna be as good as people told me but i really tried to not mess up then beat with my version ha but there’s a couple more that I have recorded including some of the upcoming ones.”
5. What was the inspiration behind the song ?
“I really like the instrumental I kinda always had a thing for pianos, accordions, and flutes just the sounds they can create are crazy even though i can’t play any of them I want to learn how.
6. When listening to your music, what message you want your listeners to get out of it.?
“I want to create positive vibes, and spread good things into the world but everybody has their own view/opinion on things so as long that they can take something good out of it that’s all it matters, though I’m an artist so I will/can create diverse music.
7.. And looking into the future. What do you hope to do with your music?
“At the moment I’m still trying different styles, exploring to see what I can be capable of creating, hopefully work with more musicians. As to everyone who ever takes the time to listen to what I create or keep up with me thank you & if you keep following what I do then we all find out where that journey takes me.




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