Uber is bringing their self-driving cars back to California

The last time I heard Uber was trying to bring out self-driving cars was in San Francisco, but California DMV quickly stoped their plans. But recently Uber has announced that they’re trying to bring out the self-driving cars again. By the sound of it, it looks like this time Uber has all their permits in place.

“These cars are legally registered and are being driven manually,” an Uber spokesperson told TechCrunch on Thursday. “We are taking steps to complete our application to apply for a DMV testing permit. As we said in December, Uber remains 100 percent committed to California.”

Its sound awesome but it will suck for some uber drivers. There will be more competition out there for the drivers. But for now the company’s army of Volvo XC90s wont be picking up no riders yet. Instead they’re just going to be generating maps of cities. So hopefully we will be seeing the self-driving cars soon. I’m excited to jump into an Uber  without the driver trying to make small conversation just to get a good rating.

For more detail on UBER project check the video

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