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This week just passed by so quick, I been so busy with work and looking for another job. But I still making time to shoot style blogs for you guys. So today I’m show you guys a great piece of clothing I recently found in a thrift shop. Last week Chris aunt came to visit and the first thing she wanted to do here, was to go thrifting. She a big thrift shopper and knows how to find great deals. She does have a Youtube Channel where she uploads thrift store hauls check it out and show her some love.

So that next morning we hit up the nearest Thrift Shop. I was excited to check out some cool wall decoration but didn’t have any luck. Then we headed to the clothing section and there it was where our luck change. I snagged this green light weight jacket not knowing what to pair it with but it just fit nicely.

DSC_0191 (2)

For this look I decided to take it real casual. I wanted my green jacket to be the center of attention. I wore gray jeans with pink baseball t-shirt pair with my black sneakers all from ASOS..COM I love how when I put the jacket on it just made my simple outfit more interesting.


DSC_0180 (2)






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