The Chork coming to Panda Express

For you guys that haven’t heard of the Chork yet, let me explain. The chork is an eating utensil that comes from mixing a Chopstick and a Fork together. Look at it as another culture mix. That will soon be coming to a Panda Express near you. Well according to some tweets I seen online Panda Express rolled out these “Bad boys” as part of the unveiling of the General Tso’s Chicken Menu at a Glendale, California location. So that means many customers already  had the chance to try this new cool utensil already. Which  by the looks of it the Chork is going to make eating Chinese effortless, special for the new chopstick users. If you are familiar with the spork, then you know this new hybrid utensil could also be use as a fork. Very versatile!!




So most likely on my next Panda Express visit i’m going to grab a couple of Chorks to keep at home. Why not? Maybe I’ll just be going there to eat, just to get my hands on them. Lol 


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