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Good Day, Readers

Thanksgiving is here and hope everyone is reminded to be grateful for all the gifts around you. I mean that’s why it’s a Holiday right? We must be grateful for the great beautiful moments of our life. Not just be grateful for the physical stuff.

But of course you don’t always have to wait for the last Thursday of November to be thankful, or giving.  Maybe you should try to stop for a second, everyday and think about three things you thankful. Think of how will this help you out in the long run . What will you list look like?

And what if everyday, you take 1 minute to think of how you could help someone. It could be thru a hug, a meal, or just listening to someone. How will this help shape your life?

Have a great time and be safe.

oh and also watch Out for the Psycho Kid lol

Thanks for Reading!


From your Casual Friends

Alex & Chris



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