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On August 2nd Instagram introduce us with a new feature called Stories. The new featured allows the app user to share videos and photos for a period of 24 hours before they be erased from the internet. This new feature may sound really familiar right? Yes you guess it sounds like SNAPCHAT. Many Instagram users first Stories post was about their frustration of how Instagram had rip off Snapchat’s whole concept. Some people even took the oppornutity of promoting their Snapchat account. Which seems kind of point less now. I’m pretty sure most of them are going to be using Instagram stories as much as snapchat. So im not about to create a snapchat account now and follow you their, I’ll just check out your Instagram Stories. Thanks tho lol

Since I don’t have Snapchat account, I asked Chris to let me borrow his account and try it out. I wanted to give you guys the cont and pro of each social media platform and see which one you guys like the best.




I know a lot of you guys have this app, and love it. Snapchat has become more popular than Twitter with an estimate of 150 million user per day. The creators: Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy introduce us to Snapchat back in 2013, originally created for safely sexting. But now with all the filters and a the facial recognition filters that turn people into puppies. Has made this app into very successful social media outlet.

The app has a few more pros aside from the puppy face, Snapchat lets you add time,temperature, speed and location banners to your videos or pictures messages. Also  you could layer filter and write message in different color as well. One of the greatest feature is that it let you set up the duration of your snap. I like that a lot, makes me feel in control. I must say also that Snapchat has the benefit of privacy, nobody that you haven’t add in Snapchat could see your Snaps. Which is a good thing if you doing naughty stuff you don’t want your family to see.




Instagram stories: it’s really familiar to Snapchat there no thought about it. Same concept of sharing quick picture and videos about your daily life. With the ability to doodle in your pictures with a marker, highlighter and glow pen. It also lets you choose filters but no facial recognition filters. Which seems like Instagram is just doing this add-on to get more usage to their app. Since it seems like most Instagram users just post a picture of those breath-taking moments only.

Ofcourse one thing about Instagram stories that may turn off people off is the privacy matter. Of-course if you have your account in private only users that follow you could see your post. For those that have their account public anyone and their mama could see what you up too. So beware of the lurkers. But If you look in the bright side if you have Instagram you don’t have to be flipping between two apps no more.  I personally like and enjoy Instagram, so I’m enjoying this update.Collage 2016-08-04 20_35_59

What about you guys ?? I want to know your thought. Are you #teamIG or #teamSC??

Let me know in the comments.



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  1. I will stay on both same way I an before the new updates I manly use Instagram to see stuff now like you say use it for certain moments or ect. Lmao and for the rest I’ll keep using snap . But do say I use snapchat way more then Instagram

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