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Hey Human,
Recently got the chance to try out the Samsung Gear Fit watch. I would personally describe it as a 2-in-1(smart watch & Fitness Watch). It is a pretty good purchase if you serious about fitness and improving your health style. You could track your steps, monitor your heart rate, change music and check txt message. Yes, i know sounds pretty much like a smart phone. Only difference this little guy has a battery life up to 4 days with one charge. Awesome right?



The curved touch screen fits well in your wrist. But for me it was better to wear it backwards, with screen on the back of my wrist. Which made it easier to read and manage through the apps. But you have the option to change the screen position of the screen. So don’t worry, Be Happy!!

It was a pretty great watch. Now I can’t wait what else Samsung will come out with next.

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  1. This is so kool… to bad I don’t like watches …. samsung is good always coming up with new things …. love it 💕

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