Purge: Election Year TRAILER



With America elections all in motion this year. The new purge trailer came out this week. Seems like in a world where murder and violence is legal ones per year , they have election as well. The trailer which seems kinda to long for my taste, kinda plays the story line for us. It seems like the big issue is going to be a anti-purge senator played by actress Elizabeth Mitchell. Also you could notice that Franks Grillo is back, as the bodyguard of the senator.  Which both characters are going to have to survive the 12-hour state mandated cleansing ritual. But it seems like it’s not going to be that easy for the pro-purge characters to kill the senator.  Seems like this time the anti-purge citizens are going to have an upper hand. Cant wait to see how this story plays out and most important check out  the new crazy masks the purge players are going to be wearing.


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