Pokemon GO! Real world trainers.


SO if you were born early 90s you probably grew up watching Pokemon on ch5 Saturday morning probably eating some trix lol or the off brand trix like me.  Well I’m so excited about their up coming game release. I’m not sure if I’d call it a game but more of away of life! Check out the vid for details!

Flipping amazing right? of course we’re not going to see physical little monsters running around, I don’t think we’d make it lol But! the whole concept is amazing. Being able to roam around your city, your parks even across traveling across the world, that’s a part of the Pokemon trainer experience! before we’d be able to play as a Pokemon trainer in the video games but now WE ARE POKEMON TRAINERS!n

We will get a chance to be about that life. we will be able to search for our favorites, meet new people and battle them or trade with them, best of all we can Catch them all!

This is will push people boundaries to step out of our comfort zones and reach out and explore new corners of our towns  be more social and make connections with.  For myself this might be a huge task for me but i am willing to push my self and become social and kick some bootty

inline-576x240Along with the Pokemon Go  apps we’ll have to use one of these Pokemon Go Plus bracelets. Through these we will receive notifications when a Pokemon is nearby or throwing a poke ball  by pressing the button.  By using GPS technology to let you know when a Pokemon is nearby.

I can’t wait for its release in 2016! I’ll be looking out for my favorite Pokemon!


Are you guys excited for this ? let us know!

Whats your favorite Pokemon!

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