Play Apple Seeds and Plant Trees in the Real World

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This week I found a really awesome game called Apple Seeds. Available both in Google Play  and App Store. The game is simple to play, all you do is tap left and right of the screen to move the basket and catch falling apples from trees. What attracted me to this game was the concept of the game, which is for every tree you plant in the game you are plant a real life tree in the real world. How freaking awesome is that???

The developers of the Game: Growth Gamez are partners with an organization called “Tree for the future” a public charity that helps families with food. They empower families are all around the world by teaching them the value of the environment. Volunteers go to different country to meet families in need of food and teach them about agriculture. The charity even provides families with the right tools for farming. Pretty amazing right !!!

I encourage if you’re a parent, to introduce this game to your kids. Show the kids how fun it could be to help others.




Let me know your how you like this game in the comments. How did you kids like it ??


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