Person of the year???

Many of you are probably already aware that “Time” magazine names their own person of the year. Well this blaack Friday it seemed that President Donald Trump dreamt that Time magazine asked him to be their person of the year. The dream must of felt so real that he needed to share it with his followers on Twitter. In his tweet he claimed Time magazine reached out to let him know he was picked for the “Person of the Year” issue. And that the publication needed him to take part in a photo-shoot and an exclusive interview. He added he took a “pass” just because he wasn’t happy with a “probably”

Later on that day, Time sent out their own tweet saying the President had it all wrong. Basically just shutting down all Trump’s claim.

I checked online and it’s not necessary for “The person of the Year” to be part of a photoshoot or an interview. So yet again the President doesn’t know what the hell is he talking about.

Something is really wrong with this Trump guy. What do you guys think ? Would you guys give him the title of “Person of the Year” and why?

(Photo Credit to Chappatte from the New York Times)

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