Uber is bringing their self-driving cars back to California

The last time I heard Uber was trying to bring out self-driving cars was in San Francisco, but California DMV quickly stoped their plans. But recently Uber has announced that they’re trying to bring out the self-driving cars again. By the sound of it, it looks like this time Uber has all their permits in […]

Bootleg Gucci T-shirt By COOLPORATE

Gucci’s most famous designs are being bootleg by COOLPORATE. If you been dying to get your hand in one of Gucci’s designer t-shirt  with some of the biggest designs, such as its classic green and red stripes and snake designs. This is your chance  to coped one of  the bootleg Gucci t-shirts that Coolporate design. […]

The new Slaves are Introduce in “13th” new documentary

This week I want to highlight a documentary on Netflix, from director Ava DuVernay. The new Netflix Documentary called “13th” first premier back in October.  This film highlights how the 13th amendment led to mass incarceration in the United States. When watching this film you will learn so much history and the power of words. […]

Check Out My Favorite Superbowl Commercials

 If you live in America you know Superbowl is basically a national holiday. It’s one of the most watched sporting events om television and, of course along with the game come the lengthy well planned commericals. Major companies come up with their best work to get people talking and to win over viewers. The following […]

Joe Freshgoods “Thank You Obama” Collection

Joe Freshgoods is a Chicago based designer that has just release his latest collection called “Thank You Obama”.  And Joe has called in another Chicago native Chance the Rapper to model his Collection. The collection is a tribute to our 44th president of the United States. The collection consists of jerseys, graphics t-shirts and denim […]

My parents don’t accept me.

 I’m a 29 year old guy from Las Vegas, Nevada that need advised on what to do with my living situation. I am now living at my parents house and the living situation hasn’t been nice. The reason is because i’m gay and both of my parents cant seem to accept me at all. They […]

Adidas Collabs with BAPE & NEIGHBORHOOD

Adidas just reviled that they collaborating with BAPE,  one of the biggest Japanese street wear brands. Also the collaboration consists of the brand NEIGHBORHOOD. This two brands are joining forces and redesign the adidas classic superstar sneaker. The new design includes both logos embossed on the heel and heel tad of the shoe. The three “famous […]

Casually Ask me for advice

Good day friends. Today I got some exciting news. I added the new tab where you could come for some advised. I been wanting to add this tab for a long time but was not sure if anyone would like it. But recently I been asked for advise from friends and even strangers. And couple […]

Taylor Bennett came out as Bisexual.

Today Taylor Bennett and american Hip-hop artist has openly came out as bisexual to all his fan. The big news came via twitter today. Telling all his followers that he wanted to celebrate his birthday by being more open about himself. This comes as an effort to encourage other to be themselves and not be […]

New Nintendo Gaming console is here the “Switch”

This year Nintendo is giving birth to a brand new Game console called  Switch. Some things you may want to know about this console are that its portable, the controllers are called “Joy-Cons” , it comes with a 7″ screen, it uses cartridges, and it will feature most of the classic Nintendo games. You feel […]