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I can’t believe we almost done with the first month of 2016. Hope everyone is sticking with their new year’s resolutions. Well today we bringing you ONYS (Original New York Seltzer), a really tasty soft drink. Chris and I are always looking for new drinks to kill the thirst and that are not high on corn syrup. ONYS is a soda in a rounded short bottle, that is made with all natural flavors. With no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or corn syrup. At least that’s what their website says but when checking the ingredients you could see the list is not a long paragraph. Which is always a good thing.

They come in a pack of assorted flavors that include, vanilla cream, root beer, raspberry, peach, black cherry, and blue berry. When you open a ONYS you could right away smell the great aroma of the flavor. And they taste how they smell! If you know what I mean?


We did a small taste test with a few family member. and if your family is anything like ours you know they give their honest opinion. Specially if they are heavy soda drinkers like ours. Here are the top 3 flavors. We definitely recommends the peach flavor is so good.If you into drinking sparkling water or soda, you would definitely like ONYS. It’s a great healthier choice!!


DSC_0179 (2)

If you’re interested you could look for them in your nearest store, just check in ONYS website drinkNewYorkseltzer.com

Let us know in the comment if you guys have try the ONYS soda before?

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