Noise complaint

So today we woke up early for a  job interview at a Floor and Decor. We’ve been really pumped for this interview because Alex really wants to get into the customer service field.  He’s working at Pollo loco at as a service prep at the moment. As he walks out the door, a note falls from the door and he tells me it’s a noise complaint, seriously? Who’s complaining up in this bitch. We haven’t been here two months and someones already complaining about a little noise, really? We might need to do a second cleansing. while we are at it we might as well cleanse this whole complex just to be safe.

We did have family over last night for some tostadas de tinga and I did have some music playing while I was cooking in the afternoon. I barley had the volume up to 20/40! it could of been the bass since It was my old school iPod nano jams. But it was in the afternoon?!  and who doesn’t like to hear music while they are cooking or cleaning or just at home?  why even hear music at all if it’s not going to be bumping en just a little. I do try to be considerate so I usually have the volume at 15/40 but this one time i had it at 20/40 and we get bitched at.

I’m seriously offended by complaint. I think I know which neighbor it might of been and honestly I don’t know why the’d complain! I’ve heard they screaming and arguing a few times already extremely loud. I can be tolerable to noise from neighbors. After all, I’m living near other living humans not in a morgue. Who can live love laugh in whispers? shady people and that’s not us.  I wouldn’t even file a complain unless they were invading our personal space or literally had my apt shaking while we are trying to sleep. I’d even have the courtesy to ask if they could lower it down.

The last thing we’d want is to get someone evicted for an issue that could be easily resolved. Whatever, next time I hear the neighbors calling each other whore and slut and cheaters I’m calling the office. I might just call the office sooner because neighbors walk around with cement sandals allll the timeee. Let’s be fair right?


Hopefully, we get to listen to good music and have awesome night in our home, because we love to Function here. We’ll try to be morreee considerate to our surroundings. but seriously I’ll be damned if i can’t bump some music cook some food and have peeps over.

lucky, they didn’t set the mood for Alex and his interview and it seems he’s going to get the job! a Second interview is always good right? wish us luck! with these neighbors and job hunting.

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4 thoughts on “Noise complaint

  1. Ugh. I hate passive agressive neighbours. If it was bothering them they could have just knocked on your door and politely asked you to turn it down.
    Ah well, good luck to Alex with the next interview stage!

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