My mate and I took Turns. Should I date her?

Help mate,
So me and a mate of mine just took turns with a bird we fairly recently met. She’s piece of treat, and pretty but she’s fucking batshit mental. (Notice that before inviting us both over).
Do I bail? Tbh she’s too mental to date but a decent fuck. We’ll probably meet through mutual friends again one day, so do I bail?
Hey Mate, 
To me it sounds like you already know what to do. If you see the red flags already then stay away. This sounds like she just into having booty calls. And you and your mate were just a good time for her. Maybe you’re not the type of guy that’s into booty calls. Your more a relationship type person, which is fine. Just take this wild night as a great experience, cherish this amazing sex experience. So definitely  bait  brother. On to the next one or start dating if that what you looking for. One last piece of advice mate, always wear condom when hooking up, play safe and stay safe out there.
You casual friend,

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