My Flower of Jericho

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I want to share a really cool plant that I bought over a week ago. Its called “The Rose Of Jericho”. I got it of from a lady that was selling cute little fountains and wind chimes at the Broadacres outdoor swamp meet in North Las Vegas. I was just browsing when I notice a weird little tumbleweed. I picked it up to take a closer look and thats when the lady came up and started to tell me about this magical immortal plant. The plant will dry and die but ones it touches water it comes back to life. The rose of Jericho is used to erase negative energy, bring peace, harmony and abundance. Its a rare magical botanical, represents holy item in many religions and in wiccan rituals for love and money spells.

The nice lady that was selling the magical plant told me it would be a really good idea  to take one and keep at my home in the living room. She said  that the magical plant will cleanse my home from all bad energy. Ofcourse me been a high believer of the power of the people’s energy, I bought it for $8 with instruction include. Not bad the price for some magic. Lol 

The plant must be place in a glass bowl fill with water. Ones the rose is put in water is when the magic happens. The Rose of Jericho starts to open up and coming back to life. Then on the the 3rd day you could start asking the Rose for anything you want. For example  you could ask for protection from bad people to even love and fortune. Really cool right ? 

If the this plant don’t grant me my wishes I’m okay with that. I still think is super magical. The way it expands and comes back to life, that’s pretty amazing by itself. Also let’s say you want to give it away all you have to do is take it of the water and let it  air dry. Then the rose of Jericho will close up again like at the beginning and be ready to be wrap up as a gift. 

I think that’s awesome!! It could be a thing you could pass down from generation to generation. Pass it down to your children. I think that’s what I’m going to do. Make into a tradition. 

What’s do you think about the “Rose of Jericho ” ?? Would you of bought it?   Let me know in the comment section. 

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