My 6 year old child saw the “Lick my body part Challenge”

My 6-year-old daughter saw a “lick my body part challenge” video on YouTube. The video is Definitely not something she should watch, because they would lick the others butt. But that is not what’s scary. What’s scary is that when my sister came over with her 3-year-old daughter, my daughter secretly performed the same thing she saw on her daughter (J). She tried to film it too, but was too scared (she told me about it after J told her mom what my daughter did to her). I don’t know what to do. I talked to her, and she was really scared of what she has done, she’s even scared to go on YouTube or touch the iPad (she saw the video on her iPad). I thought that it’s better to not talk about it anymore so that she’ll forget about it, but my sister is mad about what my daughter did to her daughter, saying she shouldn’t “ruin” her daughter like that.

In the video, they tried to make it seem okay and funny, so Im guessing my daughter thought it would be funny to do the same thing too. What should I do?

Hey, I think you handle the situation well. You talk to your daughter and let her know she did wrong. That was great!! But I do feel like you did got carry away. By the sound of it you even scare her a bit. Which you should focus moreon that, maybe she miss understood the lesson. Teach and explain to her whats appropriate behavior. Such like always ask for permission to physically touche others. Also keep an eye on her when she online at all times. Im sure her intentions were not malicious.

Just give your sister time to forget about the incident. Have one last conversation with her and explain that the video your kid watched was tend to be funny challenge. Maybe you could even show her the video. Hoping after you have that conversation with your sister she wont keep on bringing it up. And if she does just apologize and keep it moving. You never know, maybe even in the future you both will look back at this and have some good laughs.

Good Luck!!!

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