Muralist: Cannon Dill


Today the spot light is on 23-year-old Cannon Dill, from Oakland. Looking at Dill’s work you could notice he has a great imagination. In his work you could see themes such like spirit animals. It shows that he gets his inspiration from nature and wildlife. In an interview he did for Juxtapoz Magazine stated that – “daydreaming of nature helps me build a sense of comfort”.  Looking at his mural you could get a sense of what nature means to him and what the relationship he has with society.

Cannon went to California College of the Art but his career actually took off when he began ditching class and participating in the Occupy movement. A poster Cannon created in the name of the movement, tittle Save your future and Fuck the Police, had over 10,000 distribution just alone in Oakland.

Check the amazing art work Cannon has display.





Check more of his work at his website

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