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So I’ve had the newly released Moto x Pure for a couple of weeks now, and I’m pretty happy with it.
Motorola offers Moto maker with the Moto  X Pure which gives you access to customize your phones front face, back, accents, and start-up greeting.  Most of the options are no extra charge with the exception of authentic wood as your back casing. Here’s my beauty.

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The Moto X Pure runs on Androids Lollipop 5.1.1 and soon to be receiving the new marshmallow update by the end of this month. Check HERE if you want to know when your phone will receiving the update.It’s pretty much a pure android experience. That’s definitely music to my ears I hate having unnecessary apps that I can’t uninstall like on Samsung phones. The Moto X Pure comes with Moto enhancements Which I’ve found pretty useful.

Moto voice helps you out when you don’t happen to have a third arm to help you out. Simply speak the phrase you’ve set your moto to recognize, Mine is wake up dragon., I know it’s kinda lame but with so many options I can’t decide just yet. You can even give it a nickname to call you by like big papa lol which is not mine by the way.

I loves this because it can hear you from 3 feet away! If only it could hear me in the shower when I try to switch a song lol definitely useful when I’m cooking something up in the kitchen or murking some aliens in Dead Space.


Here’s a tip

If you say, for example, wake up dragon” what’s up”

Dragon will respond with your recent notification even read your latest text messages out loud. You can even use it discreetly by putting the phone to your ear and speaking your phrase and it will give you the info you need through the earpiece.

Everyone’s going to love this next feature

TurboPower technology! Which can give you up 10 hours of battery life in just 15 minutes! Neat right? The phone itself is enabled with TurboPower but used in combination with the stock charger it will charge a lot faster. You can also buy a turbo charger, I don’t own one but I bet it’s a life saver or battery saver lol

The back camera is 21 megapixels it also gives you control where to focus and how high to set exposure. For the selfie queens out there the front camera has 5 megapixels and has a front flash as well! woo! the picture do come out nice and vibrant.

You can get your Moto X Pure for 399.99. Compared to other phones out there that range from 500-700, the Moto X Pure is a great phone for a good low price. They offer a $25 monthly finance pretty cool. I know first hand its similar to sprints easy pay were you pay off the phone monthly for 2 year

The phone comes unlocked and can be used on any carrier but be sure to get a sim card for your carrier when you’re checking out!

I forgot to get one and had to wait a couple of more days to receive it from sprint.  Tip! if you forget and need one for sprint call sprint directly don’t waste your time going into a store.

Well enjoy peeps!

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Check out this vid from Android Authority For the specifics

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