Missy Elliot drops her New music video!

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything new from Missy! But she just dropped a new music video to her single ” WTF (where they from} check it outLet me tell you that I was the girl with headphones lol that’s my mood every time I hear this song.

This is the jam! I’ll be playing this on repeat next party. Did anyone love her first outfit? definitely keeping to her sweat suit style which I love how she works it.  It’s been ten years since her last album dropped The cookbook back in 2005. She better not keep us waiting that long for an album! I’ll have to upgrade my speakers so I don’t blow them out lol I got a feeling she’ll be taking her thrown back soon from a certain barbie lol

The puppets resembling Pharrell and Missy are pretty awesome the best part in the video! who ever is pulling there strings must have some magical fingers lol

Prop Missy! great song! outfits, dancers, choreography everything’s flawless

Hurry up with that album! because I been tired of that “baby wont you come my way” genre of rap wack hop whatsoever it is lol

Check out some of her other vids

this one isn’t her music video but She kills it with j cole!

You’re casual friend


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