Man commits suicide over Star wars VII cast


About a day ago NewsWatch33 reported bobby-Jo Garrison 53, had committed suicide in Charlotte, North Carolina over the casting of John Boyega in The upcoming Star wars VII film.


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On Monday the official Star Wars VII  trailer was aired. From it we can now safely assume the storm trooper, John Boyega, in the opening n teaser released DEC of last year, will be a main character.

According to Family and family of Mr. Garrison and his wife Sara Garrison were hardcore Star Wars fans who attended comic dressed as storm troopers.

Mrs. Garrison arrived at her home and found Mr. Garrison slumped over his chair unresponsive. She called 911 while trying to administer CPR. After her unsuccessful attempt she noticed an empty bottle of Percocets next to a suicide note which read “Make America white again”.

When the EMS arrived they pronounced Mr. Garrison dead at the scene. Officer Jenkins who was at the scene stated the note read ” if white people aren’t wanted in Star Wars then our money must not be either I’m tired of seeing n**g**s taking over great white films I cannot live in a world being overrun by blacks sorry Sarah another part read “boycott Star Wars “. There was no more reveled about the contents of the note but that it expressed his concerns about African-Americans taking over America.

Let me address this before hand. Suicide is not the answer And I mean this wholeheartedly from experience. There are plenty of resources out there for you or anyone you might know going through. It’s important you reach out because you’ve never been alone visit Suicide prevention or Suicide prevention hotline for more information.

Noowww! This is a bunch of bologna. Not only because I came across an articles by ,Darth Hater, but because it’s a bit hard to believe there are some ride or die racists out here but there really are. Snopes alleges the article on NewsWatch33 is fake and that NewsWatch33 is responsible for numerous fake posts from Beyoncé and Jay z purchasing the rights to the confederate flag, to fifteen days of darkness in November.  Personally, I don’t think this story is true. I mean Garrison ? bobby Jo? a couple of thing seem a bit general almost like the summary on the back cover of a book.

If this story happen to be true, my condolences to their family and friends nobody deserves this but I have to address the underlying truth here.

What the heck is up with these racists who believe there closed-minded ancestral ideas. In truth It is a bit…Different but I Always welcome this! expand my mind and change the “norms” that serve no purpose but to oppress people for who they are. How ironic is it to be a closed-minded racist and be a Star Wars fan I mean hello Jedi peace fight against oppression?

Come to think of it, I wouldn’t doubt the existence of the so-called “fans”. They probably belong to the Dark side!

On that note I leave you with this. Times have been changing and we as people have been progressing, some more than others. If you’re still stuck on some whites only ish (or any superior race type of ish) then I feel deeply sorry for you and urge you to get educated because America will not be overrun by Blacks, Asians, Hispanics or any minority. America will be overrun by diversity and you have to expand your mind to this reality because this was the sole purpose of our country!

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