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Let me give you a quick overview in case you haven’t heard of LUSH.
LUSH brings us 100% vegetarian and cruelty free cosmetics such as Bath Bombs, Bubble Bars, Massage bars, and much more! They’re a humanitarian company who always thinks about the well-being over their customers and employees. They make sure their ingredients come from producers who care for the environment and provide a good and fair living condition for their employees. Check out their full mission HERE!

Lush is definitely more than some hollow company in my opinion. They are currently brining awareness to the Syrian refugee crisis that has been going on for quite some time now. In doing their part, they’ve made a Hands of Friendship Soap which 100% of the proceeds go to their Friendship fund that donate to various organizations that provide relief to refugees! Good job lush!

Alex found a LUSH store on his way out of a job interview and he swears he bought this for me as a birthday present, which passed a week ago, but I know he just wanted to go shopping lol I guess he gets some points haha.
If you’re visiting or live in Las Vegas stop by their store inside Mandalay Bay. There’s something for everyone, yes even us guys! Also, if you’re interested in everyday tips check out their blog HERE!!

This is one of the Items he got for me…. Supposedly lol


Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds/Bubble Bar

The name of this product describes it well. The presentation of the bar is pretty cool. The aroma was a bit strong for me at first but after a few sniffs it grew on me. The aroma is sort woodsy/earth and it’s pretty relaxing once you get used to it. I have to give props for the strength. It’s not like other bath time products that you can bareeelly smell.


I cut up the bar into four pieces, we’re cheap like that lol I filled up the bathtub and dropped one piece in the center.



After not noticing any bubbles or fiz…. I remembered it was a bubble bar not a bath bomb hahah. You’re actually supposed to hold your bar or piece under running water as the tub fills up lol


I ended up using two pieces since I already had my tub filled up and didn’t want to waste water.



As I said before, you really do get a cloudy sky in your tub with a grounded woodsy aroma. I can actually say my whole bathroom smelt like the bar, even after I was done bathing. Overall it was a great bath, and fun experience using a LUSH bubble bar. I’m hoping to get some bath bombs and try those out next time.

I would of got more bubbles in the tub if I would of done it correctly ha

And if you’re wondering about the aftermath of the color, my tub didn’t stain at all.
Check out their products HERE!

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