January’s Top Movies

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Good Day, friends!!

First of all I want to apologize for not been so active in the blog. As you guys know Chris and  I just move to Nevada and the struggle has been real. I been busy with new job and also looking for more work. But even so we been taking some time to relax and watch movies. So we bring you guys our top 5 picks for  January.

I must warnnyou, most of the picks are suspense and horror movies. Just one action movie made it in the list. I think the reason is because we needed some dark flicks after the happy holidays.

Check out the list, And Share your thoughts in the comment section.


2. The Gift

3. We Are Still Here

4. POD

5. Crimson Peak

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Hope you’re years been great

2 thoughts on “January’s Top Movies

    1. Diffidently will, cant wait to go. I just like to watch movies like 2 weeks after so the theater wont be full. I hate when the theater is crowded and noisy.

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