Is it “Gay” if a guy wears a Dress?

It seems like the  “Gay” word is use loosely now in days. It almost feel like people forget the meaning of the word. The exact definition of Gay according to Merriam-Webster is someone who is sexually attracted to someone who is the same-sex, or being happy and exciting. Every time I hear the world “Gay” use in a sentence is use to describe a guy in a dress or guy with long hair. Seriously? That’s not part of the definition at all. I don’t believe that style has anything to do with sexuality. Fashion is a way to express your character and personality. Just because a man decides to wear a dress doesn’t mean he’s gay. If I see a guy wearing a dress or skirt I just think his more into fashion than I am. He could be “gay or straight” I cant just make that assumption of someone just by checking out what they wearing. I think we as humans should stop being so judgmental. Quit that dumb way of thinking.

It’s amazing to see celebrities trying to break that way of thinking. Specially when I see men of color trying to wear dresses and not care what the people think of them. You don’t know how excited I get when I see Rappers wear dresses or skirts. Specially because I know that in the Hip Hop culture is not well received. But rappers like ASAP Rocky, Diddy, Pusha T, Kid Cudi, Kanye West and Young Thug they all have worn skirts with no FUCKs given. It’s just amazing how fashion is that important to them.

Recently the rapper know by the name of Young Thug has come out and spoke on the matter. You’ve probably heard of him recently from his Calvin Klein  Campaign, where his a vocal supporter for gender equality. He clearly has said in many interviews his not gay but he likes women-wear. Even if people try to tell you other wise. His just a man who likes “women’s clothes” and don’t mind wearing them.


We should not called a man “Gay” just because he decides to wear a dress today. I mean if you think about it we don’t judge women like that. When a women wears jeans and guy t-shirts you guys don’t yell “Gay” at her. Everyone just thinks she’s a “tomboy” or just stylish. Right?

Just learn and teach others that clothes don’t make people gay, lesbian, or bisexual. Get it together people

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