I’m still here 

Hi everyone!! 

I’m still alive, I know i dissappear from online for a long time. I do apologize for that. I been busy with a new job,that had me working crazy hrs. Which is good but it sucks because I haven’t had time to share cool stuff with you guys. But recently my health decrease and  took a big hit. That landed me a whole week in the hospital.

It all started about a month ago. I was working long night hours when I started feeling weak and felt my tempature rising. I though I was catching a flue until I touched my neck and felt a hard lump. I though it was just a stress ball, so that day after work I massage it. But the next day it was still there and bigger, that’s when I decided to go to clinic.And at the clinic the doctor diagnose me with tonsillitis. Which at the end she was wrong. The antibiotics they gave me didn’t work and my lump on my neck kept growing. And may I say the pain was awful. Finally I went to the Emergency Room to check my lump out just to be told I had a lymph noded infected. Doctor send me home with 10 more day supply of antibiotics. But in the end I just ended taking pills for 5 days, when my lump got bigger that even irritated my skin. Then had to go back to the ER and end up been hospitalized for 8 days. 

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Doctors drain the lump and ran a bunch of tests. But the sad part of the story I still don’t have any test results. Not sure what caused the lump on my neck. ?

But for now thank God I’m good and back home. But I would like to hear from anyone that has been to hospital because of a similar situation ? 

Please comment or email me at thecasualsense@gmail.com 

Your casual friend

– Alex 

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