I’m having Sex with my room-mate.

                      I work overseas and got this roommate. We partnered up as to share expenses. He cemented our partnership by having sex with me.
Every time I try to separate from him (he makes me shoulder 80% of the expenses), he tells me of his “sacrifices” for me (being teased at work, having that one time sex) being too heavy for his side, and now I will ignore it. He guilt-trips me whenever this comes to my mind. Then he will have sex just to make me forget it.
 But that was months ago. Nowadays, he says that it’s okay for me to go separate with him, for he is prepared.
 I do like having sex with him, but he makes me financially and emotionally suffer. And now even that he won’t give sex, for he said “there are some things he can’t give” (as if he didn’t give it to another person, he is fucking my other roommate now, and they lie about it too).
Just kindly tell me what to do. I can handle myself if that need arrives and I became alone. I tried to tell him too many times and he just became adamant on separation if I can’t provide for us. My heart tells me to bear it for he might change, but my mind says to give up. I know that I can never be together with him forever, and we will leave at some point. He will never love someone like me, for he is still in love and he clearly said before that he won’t love me back.
         Hi, just want to tell you thank you for reaching out. If I was you, I would just give up on him. He seems like a really difficult person to deal with. If you know he sleeping around with other people, that should tell you that his not serious about been with you. His being a slut and sleeping around why would you want to spend your life with a partner like him. You deserve a man that will give you the attention you need and most important the full attention.
Tell him he needs to move on that you wont be his hobby no more. Your time is precious and he doesn’t deserves it. You going to move on and he needs to stay away from you. Its going to be hard to be on your on for a while but you will through it.  Surround yourself with friends and go out and meet new people. Try you best to stay busy and not to think about him. Keep it real professional at work with him if its possible even try to look for another job. Just give up on him and run!!! You will find someone better. Nobody should stick around a one way street love affair. Always remember love a 2-way street. 
Hope my advice helps you through this ruff times. Stay strong you got this!! 
You Casual Friend

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