I’m back!!!!

Hello hello!

Its me Chris! I used to be a writer on A Casual Sense but that damn procrastination bug took me out for over a year lol terrible I know. I’m sure I’m not alone right? In my experience it’s always the most important things that I tend to put off because I stress myself out over thinking them. But before the year ends and people start with their #newyearnewme nonsense I’ve been committing to self growth! I’m going to be 25 next year #teamAquarius lol and with this birthday approaching, it’s important to me that I pretty much shove myself over a cliff and into my goals. I’ve gotten tired of just having my goals in my mind and always doing the bare minimum just to feel like I’m trying.

This growth is about doing what needs to be done, actually it’s more about starting and following through. This time it’s not about the destination but the journey, you know? Am I rambling? Well what I’m basically saying is that I just want be a go-getter! A person who can cope with their Anxieties and not let them be in charge! A person who can go out there and manage my fears so they don’t stop me from conquering what I want! Yup that’s going to be me! ….. Crossing my fingers lol

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In the last couple of months I have already jump-started this new outlook on life! I along with Alex have both committed to living Flexitarian (primarily vegetarians but rarely eating meat or fish), I have also committed myself to Living an Alcohol free life, which has been harder than not eating meats, having self control, and also taking out my dusty GED study guide and passing this damn test! Don’t sorry I’ll be getting into each of these changes in my life in future posts! Oh man! I almost forgot another big change for me has been becoming a MORNING PERSON!!Ha if you’ve never been a morning person you know this is definitely a struggle.

Im going to finish this off by thanking Alex for this opportunity to rejoin A Casual Sense and being able to prove not only to him but to myself that I can put my money where my mouth is! I’m definitely going to make the most of this opportunity! I’m going to be invoking Naruto’s Stubborn but persistent attitude lol

Thank you for taking the time!

My posts always come with good went straight to you! 🙂

Here’s a quote

Procrastination is one of the most common and deadliest of diseases and its toll on success and happiness is heavy.

-Wayne Gretzky

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