“Hoverboard” Coolest Technology of 2015


I was at work today and for some reason when I checked the date. The first think I said to myself was “wow 2015 is almost over”. Then I started thinking more about this year, then I ask myself the big Question

What was the coolest tech gadget of 2015??

I did a quick research on twitter just by typing in #technology. Then there it was everyone posting pics of “Hoverboards”. I mean they don’t exactly hover, like the hoverboard from the movie Back To The Future II. They look more like a Segway- the self balance scooter that you see mall cops riding. But unlike the Segway the hoverboard has a motor connected to each wheel, giving you more control over stability.


I have yet to test this “hoverboard” out for myself. They seem kinda of dangerous if you don’t have proper training. I’m kinda traumatize from all the Hoverboard fail videos i been watching on YouTube.

But then you see on Instagram artist like Whiz Khalifa and Chris Brown riding around on the hooverboard so effortlessly. There are guys even doing choreography dances on them. Like Josh Killacky from Davidmoretv  on YouTube.

Some useful stats: According to PC Advisor, most hoverboards can accommodate about 220 pounds of weight. They can only hit top speeds of about 10 mph, and generally have a range of about 12 miles. The boards themselves generally weigh over 25 lbs.

 There you have it, the coolest piece of  tech of 2015. If you interested on purchasing a hoverboard check out the Top brands.


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