Google has a Smartphone Now: PIXEL

Its obvious that we live in a smartphone and iphone world but that’s about to change now. Google just reveled their new tech toy to the world. Pixel is the first phone design and manufacture by Google. The design looks great and its comes in three different colors blue, white, and black. One of the cool feature about the design is the back-top of the phone, which has finger print center. The finger print center could be use to unlock your phone and also bring down the notification window. Amazing right? Also Google is promising great pictures with a 12 megapixels camera on the back.

That right there just seals the deal with me, sounds like Google is coming full force into the world of smart gadgets. I must say the news came as a surprise to us because Chris and I weren’t ready. We actually just got the Samsung Galazy S7 phones. Which is a big bummer, if only we would of know of this we would of skip the Samsungs for the Google phone. We really thought that Google was going to wait more time to release their phone. Come on Google you totally blindsided us. Not Fair.


Here is a closer look at the phone check the video.

What do you think ?? Are you buying it??

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