Good morning!

     Rise and shine!! I hope your day is off to a good start. I want to catch you all up on my morning person goal but first here’s a tip. Before you do anything like grab your phone, use the bathroom, or even scratch your left butt cheek, tell yourself today will be a good day. 

     Having a positive affirmation to wake up to will help you in the long run. Your affirmation can be just about anything, from “I’m going to kick some ass today” to even ” fuck yeah! I’m going to tackle any bullshit that comes my way ” lol whatever works for you right?  More often than not your day will be off to a great start! Don’t expect this to just be a miracle either, we still need to put our part and effort into what kind of day we want.

     This is definitely a remedy for those of us who have those stub your toe in the morning kind of days. The kimd of days where you wake up and one little thing goes wrong we automatically start thinking today is going to suck, which usually does happen because we just told ourselves it will. Isn’t it nuts how powerful words are? Actually, I’d have to say thoughts are powerful.

     I normally tell myself “you got this you been got this!” I can’t be the only one to talk to myself in third person…. occasionally ha. Oh! Second tip if you’re not drinking a glass of water in the morning you need to start asap! Its basically like giving your digestion a jump start, among other things. This has helped me take my morning… Poop every day lol It’s been years since I’ve missed an appointment with my toilet and Squatty Potty

     Well for a little over a month I’ve been gradually trying to change my sleep cycle to 8-7 hours of sleep and waking up from 9-10. I know to some that’s not morning anymore but that’s a huge change for me. While in my teens and early 20s (I’ll be 25 in February) I had a terrible insomnia. My experience with insomnia was terrible. I wouldn’t fall asleep until 4 a.m. even until the next day at 10am. And since this society of ours runs from 7am-10pm I’d definitely miss out a lot. Not that much actually lol I definitely lived colorful teenage years from. I would go out to House parties all around LA especially Compton lol I always get nostalgic over those times expect for the getting stranded and waiting for the bus to get home on a school night.

     I’ve been conquering my sleep cycle with a couple tricks recently.. Drinking a cup of chamomile before bed and setting a bedtime for myself has helped me get to bed at 11 or 12 the latest. In the mornings I force myself to get up even when the covers are whispering “just a few more minutes”. I know if I say “okay, just a few more minutes” I won’t get up.. not that I talk to my blankets lol. Washing my face with cold water and drinking my first glass of water help out as well. Somewhere in between I will look at myself in the mirror and repeat my affirmation. I swear I have been feeling a lot better. I’m not going to lie I definitely feel like taking naps through out the day but I’ve always hated naps lol

     Lately I’ve been realizing that we only get things done when we WANT to do them. When it comes to wanting a bag of chips playing PS4 or doing favors for someone  we manage to do that as soon as it pops into your head. I think this is Because we actually want to do it and simply DO IT. That’s the problem when it comes to doing chores, starting or finishing goals. And all we have to do is just do it! Just get up and start what we’ve been wanting to do, continue were we left of, and reach the finish line. 

    Your mind has 100% control over you. Your mind is what tells you to get up to brush your teeth to force that fart out.  You need to start listening to yourself and not give in to excuses or distractions. Reminder yourself of what you need to tackle today and just start anywhere. At the end of the night you will always end up ahead of the things you haven’t accomplished. 

     So yeah,  I hope my ranting has sparked something in you 🙂 we’re all different and we don’t all need to do as others do. Find your own way but just do it. This is my personal experience but I hope you can take something positive from it.


“Look at a stone cutter hammering away at his rock, perhaps a hundred times without as much as a crack showing in it. Yet at the hundred-and-first blow it will split in two, and I know it was not the last blow that did it, but all that had gone before.”

Jacob A. Riis

Well until next time

Your friend Chris 🙂

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