Good Bye Summer


Fall season is here,  but if you live in Southern California you know that we still have a couple more days of Summer weather to go through. That’s why i decided to grab my sunglasses head out to enjoy the sun light. But of course I got dress first, am not a nudist (which am not against either). I decided to wear an all over long t-shirt from Prolifix with my favorite pair 510 Levis. Of course i had to take it back old school and wear my pair of Air Force 1 sneaker. Which i been storing them my closet for the past 5 years. Which I was really surprise they didn’t turn yellowish color, they still looking fresh. For accessories I decided to wear Gold Chain and a gold arrow bracelet from ASOS.




I am really digging the long shirt trend. This fall season am definitely going to incorporate more of the long shirt in my up coming outfits. What do you think about the long shirts? Have you guys try them out? and what other brands are designing this style?

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