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Good afternoon souls!

We were given the wonderful opportunity to try out these amazing products by Gemstone Organic and we’d like to share them with you. And again we’d like to say THANK YOU!

Gemstone Organic was founded by Debra Chief Alchemist and Sara Chief Sorceress. Together they make wonderful Gemstone essence Facial cremes, body lotion, hydrosol gem juice, and Spa products. All of their products are 100% USDA certified Organic and animal cruelty free! Which means You don’t get all those crazy often harsh chemicals on your face at the cost of hundreds of animals! Instead you get something from the earth something with love and balanced energy. Their products are also great for us guys! Guys I know sometimes we worry about things that aren’t manly but in this day in age 2016! who cares step out your boundaries and try them out!

What first guided us to Gemestone organics was our new found love for crystal healing and looking our best. I felt it was definitely meant to be. We’ve tried most of their crèmes and each time we fell in love. We’ve even found super helpful tips on their blog which you can always check out HERE!


Organic Moonstone Facial Crème,

Great for all skin types but recommended for sensitive skin. We’ve both been blessed with sensitive skin lol I mostly get redness, and irritation from what I think is eczema and Alex suffers from redness, congestion, and acne. What a combo right? Lol we still manage to look flawless lol Moonstone helps with all of these types of issues. So Debra and Sara’s intuition was spot on! The crème it’s self has a very nice and thick consistency so a little bit goes along way.

Moonstone has a strong but nice and relaxing floral/earthy scent. Before every use we always breathe in the scent, it’s very enlightening. This particular crème comes programed and energized with Moonstone essence among other crystals, which together bring you hormonal balance and emotional healing. They also help balance and open your third eye, throat and crown chakras. Who doesn’t need some emotional heeling right? I mean we all have some baggage and need a little boost on our journey!  Overall Moonstone came into our lives at a great time.


Organic Lavender Gem Juice Hydrosol

There’s a lot I can say about this Unique product! I’ll start off by saying I love the whole concept and energy of this! My friends and family have become quite fond of it as well. When ever we hangout I ask if they’d like some vibes lol because that’s what this is to me pure positive vibes! It’s amazing!

This gem juice is one of many they carry. This particular Gem Juice is made from lavendula angustifolia which is true Lavender (a type of plant). WSY0030209_3361


The bottle is made of glass which I feel adds to the quality. It’s gem essence comes from Amethyst and Sugilite among other crystals, which aid in clarity, focus, and overwhelming peace! This 2oz bottle comes with tiny amethyst stones and Sunstone. We’ll be adding them to our crystal family!  Lavender Gem juice has many uses, most which we use it for.

  • Facial toner
  • Aftershave for men and women
  • Cleansing/purifying rooms
  • Body mist
  • Enriching our energy
  • Relive Headaches and tension
  • Deodorize yoga mats

And many other uses!

So if you’re into having your skin look and feel it’s best, check them out!  If you’re into, not only that but crystal healing and digging deeper into the universe! BUY BUY BUY! Haha I’m sure you’ll find something that fits your mind, body, and soul! And guys don’t be shy!

“Your body is a temple”

Your casual friends

Chris & Alex

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