Fitbit Charge HR


There are a bunch of fit watches out now but Id have to say the Fitbit Charge HR is definitely in the top ranks. It has a simple design and a simple screen with only one button on the left side to switch between stats (steps, heart rate, calories burned, floors climbed and time). It comes in four colors black orange purple blue.

DSC_1096 (2)

The best part of it I’d have to say is the silent alarm. The only sound it makes is a buzz since it wakes you up with a vibration around your wrist. It was definitely a pleasant wake up rather than my abrupt phone alarms. You gotta hate waking up to the sirens.

Another cool spec is the caller ID.  Just make sure your watch and phone are synced using the Fitbit app and Bluetooth and your watch will vibrate while they call you. Personally, I’d keep that on the low. or you’ll never have an excuse to miss a call.

DSC_1099 (2)DSC_1100 (2)

The Fitbit Charge HR is a useful toy if you don’t want some bulky smartwatch.

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