First Teaser: Alice Through The Looking Glass


Its here guys the first teaser of Wonderland Sequel,

Alice Through the Looking Glass

It giving us a good look at the breakout character from the first movie such like the Hatter, Queen of hearts,white queen, the rabbit and of course Alice. Also they showing us a new character. Looks like an evil impersonation of time played by the actor Sacha Baron Cohen. He got Blue lasers eyes and some time of clock mechanism going on behind his neck. Looks like father time has woken and his not happy.

The movie tittle is same as the 1871 Lewis Carroll Novel which makes me think that the story line will be similar to the book. But it looks like Alice story line will have a twist. She must save the Mad Hatter and Wonderland from “Father Time”.
What do you guys think?
You excited to see this movie or nah?
Let me know your thoughts in the comment section
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