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I bring you guys today the brand new trailer of the first movie from the new trilogy from the Harry Potter world. The trailer of the movie “Fantastic Beast and where to find them” is epic, I must say. If you was a hardcore Harry Potter fan back in 2001 you remember this tittle been mention in Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone. This new trilogy of movies was inspire by that textbook that most students from Hogwarts own.

The “textbook” Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them, the book was publish and sold all over the world. It was sold as a copy of the actual textbook of Harry Potter himself. The book include several notes that supposedly were written by Harry and his friend Ron Weasley. It was a pretty cool book, I remember owning a copy and it made me feel like a real student from Hogwarts School. The book was just a textbook on all magical creatures from the Harry Potter world.

Check the Trailer out and let me know your thoughts.



Looks Freaking awesome right??

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