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Our friends over at Dollar Shave Club sent us some shavers to try out.  You’ve probably heard of them before but in case you haven’t. They are kind of like a box subscription service that sends you shavers right to your door. They have three different type of blade subscriptions: double blade razors for $1/monthly + $2 shipping, a four blade razor for $6/monthly+ free shipping, lastly they have a six blade razor for $9/monthly + free shipping. I have to say they have great deals compared to drug stores or those other shave clubs.

They sent us a bunch of items to try out but for now we’ll be telling you about the razors, the shave butter and the shave lather.




I tried out the four blade razor and Chris tried the six blades razor, since he’s the one that can actually grows a full beard lol

I must say the handles feel and looks good. Who ever designed them had the right idea making the customer feel they have something of value in their hand.  We were surprised they we’re not plastic handles for the price. The weight of the handles ads more control to each shave stroke. Compared to rubbery plastic ones that feel to light lol if you shave constantly you probably know what I mean.  They also have a nice curve that aligns to your grip so they feel more natural.



As far as the four blade razor goes, which I tried, I would rate it 4/5 stars.  The razors aren’t to thin where they feel like cheap metal films. To be honest, I can’t grow a full beard or much beard really lol but I do get a mustache and chin stubble. When shaving only took me 4-5 mins. A few strokes is all it took to get my face feeling like a baby’s butt. Which means I didn’t need to  shave the same spot over and over and over to get a nice close shave. The lubricated strip adds a bit of moisture to me skin which is good since I shave every day for work.

Hey peeps Chris here! I know it’s been a long time, procrastination is my best friend.

I tried out the six blade razor and… It’s great! Unlike Alex I can grow out a full beard ( shade no read lol)  My beard doesn’t grow in super thick but It does grow in a bit tangled. I know I should trim my beard before shaving to avoid cuts and razor burns but for experimental purposes I shaved without trimming. The six blade razor works great on its own! I know I know, I should have taken some pictures, I was too excited to try the blades out It completely skipped my mind but anyways. I did have to shave over a few areas more than twice but It was expected because I didn’t trim before shaving. As with any shaving, there were a few areas that were tricky like the chin. I seriously hate shaving my chin it takes for ever and I always get scared to get razor burn there! Surprisingly I didn’t get any! oh and also I did shave against the grain to get that super smooth feel.


I got to try out the shave butter as well, which was completely new to me. I thought it was going to be like butter as far as color but to my surprise it was a white not to creamy consistency. The “butter” comes in with how smooth it feels on the face and how smooth the shave is. I am used to the foamy shave so it was a good experience. you should definitely try it out.


They also sent us DR. Caver’s Shave lather  which is the best shaving formula I have ever tried. It has a nice rich smell. Compared to the Shaving Butter, you could actually see a white contrast on your face, which I like since it helps me see where I’m shaving. But it didn’t foam up all crazy either, like the usual shaving gels. Didn’t even clog up the blade. I didn’t have to rinse the blade more than twice. Now that was amazing because it cut down my shaving time.  After I was done my face just felt cool and refreshed. My overall experience was AMAZING! 5 STARS Dollar Shave Club Keep up the Good Work!


And Ladies! don’t be shy or intimidated to try out these products. I known a few ladies who like men’s shavers better because of the quality so try them out especially the shave butter.



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