Did I offend the Transgender community

So last night i was riding an elevator and a transgender woman enters in on one of the floors. I kind of knew her, like we had spoken once or twice, so I started talking to her, because why not I talk to everyone.Anyway while its obvious she’s a woman, I could tell that she was transgender though a few masculine features. Whether she was still transitioning or not, whatever not my business.

So after having a nice little chat, how do you like it here, what dorm are you living, etc. I hit my floor and started to exit. As I was walking out I went “Aight see ya later man”Now I say this to everyone regardless of gender, but I instantly realized what I had said the moment the doors shut. I then proceeded to spend the whole night feeling like shit for potentially making her feel bad.

How bad is this? Next time I see her should I apologize? Should I pretend like it didn’t happen and just talk to her normally? 

Hey Friend

Its not that bad MAN. lol but jokes aside, I really thing is not big of a deal  you said that. Specially because I could tell you didn’t say it in a mean way. By you writing to me feeling bad and worry about her feeling shows it was just a mistake.  Next time you see her you should act normal unless she seems upset or bother with you. If you get to apologize just explain to her how it was just a innocent mistake. I’m sure she will understand. 

Don’t over thing it. I’m sure most transgender ladies know when they been shame and when is just a innocent mistake. Just make sure next time you don’t make that mistake again. Because then maybe she will take it the wrong way. And you will end up looking like the “Donald Trump” of the story.  

You never know, You guys could become really good friends after all this.

Let me know how it goes.

You Casual Friend



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