Good morning!

     Rise and shine!! I hope your day is off to a good start. I want to catch you all up on my morning person goal but first here’s a tip. Before you do anything like grab your phone, use the bathroom, or even scratch your left butt cheek, tell yourself today will be […]

Person of the year???

Many of you are probably already aware that “Time” magazine names their own person of the year. Well this blaack Friday it seemed that President Donald Trump dreamt that Time magazine asked him to be their person of the year. The dream must of felt so real that he needed to share it with his […]

I’m back!!!!

Hello hello! Its me Chris! I used to be a writer on A Casual Sense but that damn procrastination bug took me out for over a year lol terrible I know. I’m sure I’m not alone right? In my experience it’s always the most important things that I tend to put off because I stress […]

#BoycottKeurig Insanity

If you’ve been rooming with Patrick Star and haven’t heard of the recent dumb political stunt people were recently up to let me catch you up. Loyal fans of Sean Hannity have sstarted #boycottkeurig as well as smashing their own Keurigs and even shooting them! Lol I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since these people […]

Giorgio Armani Code Cologne Review

This week I got the chance to try out the Armani Code Cologne. Thanks to Influenster  that sent us a full size cologne for free. Many of you would agree with me that is important to find a great fragrance, so when a great cologne fall on your lap. You must hold on to it […]

My First Gents VodBox from Influenster #complementary

Hi ladies and gents today I want to share with you guys. My first ever Vodbox from Influenster. When I received an email that I was one of the chosen ones for this was really excited. Because I’m always looking for new products to try out and share my opinion. That’s why  I love being part […]

My Flower of Jericho

Hi Guys I want to share a really cool plant that I bought over a week ago. Its called “The Rose Of Jericho”. I got it of from a lady that was selling cute little fountains and wind chimes at the Broadacres outdoor swamp meet in North Las Vegas. I was just browsing when I […]

The new Slaves are Introduce in “13th” new documentary

This week I want to highlight a documentary on Netflix, from director Ava DuVernay. The new Netflix Documentary called “13th” first premier back in October.  This film highlights how the 13th amendment led to mass incarceration in the United States. When watching this film you will learn so much history and the power of words. […]

Check Out My Favorite Superbowl Commercials

 If you live in America you know Superbowl is basically a national holiday. It’s one of the most watched sporting events om television and, of course along with the game come the lengthy well planned commericals. Major companies come up with their best work to get people talking and to win over viewers. The following […]

Merry Christmas Friends !!

  Hope everyone is with their love ones and having a amazing holiday. Take this holiday to show love to everyone that deserves your love. Leave the negativity out the door and start making positive moves to live a happier life. Wish you guys nothing but the best in the world.  Love you all Merry […]