Advice: Coming Out to My Parents as Polyamorous

Question: “My Parents know I’m queer but how do I tell them I’m poly. I don’t want them to be confused when I come home with multiple partners.” – Anon Before I answer, I just want to try and give some info on queer and poly (polyamorous) terms.  Polygamous is the practice of or desire for intimate relationships with […]

Did I offend the Transgender community

So last night i was riding an elevator and a transgender woman enters in on one of the floors. I kind of knew her, like we had spoken once or twice, so I started talking to her, because why not I talk to everyone.Anyway while its obvious she’s a woman, I could tell that she […]

I’m having Sex with my room-mate.

                      I work overseas and got this roommate. We partnered up as to share expenses. He cemented our partnership by having sex with me. Every time I try to separate from him (he makes me shoulder 80% of the expenses), he tells me of his […]

My mate and I took Turns. Should I date her?

Help mate, So me and a mate of mine just took turns with a bird we fairly recently met. She’s piece of treat, and pretty but she’s fucking batshit mental. (Notice that before inviting us both over). Do I bail? Tbh she’s too mental to date but a decent fuck. We’ll probably meet through mutual […]

My parents don’t accept me.

 I’m a 29 year old guy from Las Vegas, Nevada that need advised on what to do with my living situation. I am now living at my parents house and the living situation hasn’t been nice. The reason is because i’m gay and both of my parents cant seem to accept me at all. They […]

Casually Ask me for advice

Good day friends. Today I got some exciting news. I added the new tab where you could come for some advised. I been wanting to add this tab for a long time but was not sure if anyone would like it. But recently I been asked for advise from friends and even strangers. And couple […]