Casually Ask me for advice

Good day friends.

Today I got some exciting news. I added the new tab where you could come for some advised. I been wanting to add this tab for a long time but was not sure if anyone would like it. But recently I been asked for advise from friends and even strangers. And couple of them have come back and thank me for the advised. I’m not a professional at all but I just use my sense and try to figure problems the best way I could think of. You should know that One of my big passions in life is to help out others in need, of course in the best of my ability.

So this page is for you guys.  Where you could find advised on personal issue, relationship, dating or even sex advise. I will post my answers to your questions in here. To share it and even have a discussion with everyone. Of course I will protect your privacy and all names will be change or become anonymous. I want to keep this space safe and fun for all of us. So ask away friends.

To summit your question please email us to

Or  DM your Question on Twitter @acasualsense


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