Banksy & Dismaland

One think you should know about me is that art has a big impact on me. I always been a visual learner and I just learn so much from art. Specially from Banksy art. You probably seen Banksy graffiti art  somewhere in the internet or even on your city, specially if you live London. His art consists of dark humor combine with graffiti that executed a distinctive stenciling technique. His stencil art of political and social commentary are all over the streets, walls, bridges of cities all over the world. The interesting  thing about Banksy is that he doesn’t give interviews and he don’t put his art work for sale. Even so in some occasion there been some art auctioneer that have try to sale his art work.
I do agree with art been display free, art is a way to express yourself. And I believe expressing yourself is a right we all have as humans. But yet in the other hand, how do an artist survive in this world of money. Hope Banksy receives some type of donations .
Actually recently he open DISMALAND a large project organized by Banksy himself. Which the entrance was about four dollars. It open on August 21 2015 in Sumerset, England. The whole project was describe as a theme park unsuitable for children. Banksy created and funded the construction of the exhibition himself. The pop up show feature 58 artist that Banksy invite. It seem like it was a great art show. Check out the video he posted on his website.
 What do you think about his art work? Have you seen his art in person? Let me know what you think.
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