Bad News for Bacon Lovers

baconFirst of all i want to say “Sorry” to all my bacon lovers. The news i’m bringing you guys today is a bad one.  According to the World Heath organization agency Bacon can cause colorectal cancer, which is a cancer that grows in colon or rectum. The International Agency for Research of cancer said there was a link between consumption of red process meats. Yes this such a horrible news to me also, I love me some bacon, but i love my health more.

The IARC not just broke this news but they went on to classified processed meats as “carcinogenic to humans”  grouping it right next to tobacco and asbestos . It is a pretty big deal, which means there enough evidence of cancer links. When eaten 50 grams of process meat daily it increase the risk of colorectal cancer by 18%, according to the study.
So with that said no more process meats, say no to Hot dogs, sausages, bologna, and bacon. Well not for ever but at least for long period of time. Its all for your own good remember that. Again sorry for the news but I just want you guys to be healthy.
Stay Healthy Friends
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