A lesson of Life from 6 year old


Have you guys ever met a kid and just though to yourself “Wow that kid has an Old soul”. That exactly what I thought,when I saw this video.  The emotional video was posted by the little girl’s mom to her Facebook on Sept 16. Going viral on the internet with over 6 Million views. The part when Tiana (the little girl) is asking her mom to remain friend with her dad after the divorce.

Tiana goes on for almost three minutes looking at her mom directly and explaining what she wants from her. You could see she really passionate. She feels everybody needs to be more nice to each other so we could make a better world. My favorite part is when she says “My heart is something. Everyone else’s heart is something too. And if we live in a world where everyone is being mean – everyone’s going to be a monster in the future.”



What a great little girl Tiana is right?
What do you guys think about her speech?
Your Casual Friend


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