Nike Celebrates Pride Month!!!

As many of you guys this month is Pride month. And Nike started the “Be True” collection back in 2012 as an effort to connect to the LGBTQ community. Nike has even come up with footwear silhouettes such as the Flyknit Racer and and apparel collection. But this year Nike came up with a limited […]

I’m having Sex with my room-mate.

                      I work overseas and got this roommate. We partnered up as to share expenses. He cemented our partnership by having sex with me. Every time I try to separate from him (he makes me shoulder 80% of the expenses), he tells me of his […]

My mate and I took Turns. Should I date her?

Help mate, So me and a mate of mine just took turns with a bird we fairly recently met. She’s piece of treat, and pretty but she’s fucking batshit mental. (Notice that before inviting us both over). Do I bail? Tbh she’s too mental to date but a decent fuck. We’ll probably meet through mutual […]

iKEA Reacts to Balenciaga’s Copying their Tote Bag

Hey everyone, Today I came across an article about Balenciaga’s new $2,000.00 fashion piece. When looking the  design of the piece I couldn’t believe how similar it look like the famous Ikea’s tote bag. I was surprise but then after doing a quick search on Google. I found out that Balenciaga whole concept in design […]

OOTD: Only Up Clothing

Today I want to talk to guys about Las Vegas based clothing brand. OnlyUp Clothing founded by Jacob Hoy a young man with a great uplifting message. The message about helping out people to realize their true potential. You could tell that right away from the words on his  logo. Only Up is a great phrase […]

My Flower of Jericho

Hi Guys I want to share a really cool plant that I bought over a week ago. Its called “The Rose Of Jericho”. I got it of from a lady that was selling cute little fountains and wind chimes at the Broadacres outdoor swamp meet in North Las Vegas. I was just browsing when I […]

New Apple’s Clips app promising to make editing videos a piece of cake.

Crafting short videos just got way easier for Apple users. Recently, Apple announced Clips, a new video edditing app. The app helps you polish short well produced videos with little effort. Clips lets you create fun videos with text, efects, music, and cool graphics. Clips is compatible with iPhone 5s or later, iPad Pro, iPad (5th generation), iPad Air or […]

Post-Apocalyptic Photograph by Thea Eskey

This week I want to share some interesting photography with you all. If you’re into apocalyptic times or a fan of The Walking Dead, I got a treat for all you. I recently had the pleasure of meeting Thea Eskey through Instagram. She’s a writer, director, and an Iphone photographer. After getting to know her […]

“Dead by Daylight” adds a character from “Left 4 Dead”

The hit survival-horror game called “Dead by Daylight” has release a new trailer introducing a new character. If you a fan of the zombie game “Left 4 Dead” you will recognized the character Bill, the bearded , Vietnam vet. Now as a new character  of Dead by Daylight,the game that pits a team of four […]

“Spring Icons” New Clothing line from The Weeknd x H&M

Canadian superstar The Weeknd is now going to sale more than just concert merchandise. He has team up with H&M and came up with “Spring Icons” clothing line. The line consist of bombers, coats, and sweatshirts  which all items channel the dark moods of the Weeknd’s music. When looking at the design you will definitely […]