Another clothing line goes Camo: RAINS

Many of you guys though that we were done wearing camo in 2017. Well think again, another clothing line came out with their new Spring/Summer line is here. Rains the Danish rain wear clothing brand recently introduce their new line called “Sea Camo”. The camouflage line came out from the word “Adapting”, thinking of ways […]

My 6 year old child saw the “Lick my body part Challenge”

My 6-year-old daughter saw a “lick my body part challenge” video on YouTube. The video is Definitely not something she should watch, because they would lick the others butt. But that is not what’s scary. What’s scary is that when my sister came over with her 3-year-old daughter, my daughter secretly performed the same thing […]

New Year Here, Finally!!!

Good morning friends, Happy New Years!!!  Hope that everyone has fully recover from the holidays. I have, I’m even back at work and getting back in the gym. Feels great to welcome the new year with tons of work. Nothing better to work and take care of your bills right??? 2018 is here and im […]

Happy Holidays From Your Casual Friends

Good evening friends Chris and I want to wish you happy holidays and a happy new years. I Hope everyone welcomes 2018 with an open heart and open mind. As the holiday season is coming to an end. We would like to inform you guys that we will be taking the rest of the year […]

Leica M typ 262 comes in Red now!!

Leica has just recently presented its special edition M Typ-262 with a red anodized finish. Also the awesome APO-Summicron-M 50 mm f/2 ASPH len is available in red, but sold separally. Looks like Leica has push the limit by providing a great and fast manual focus, an easy camera menu, and putting a WB button […]

Good morning!

     Rise and shine!! I hope your day is off to a good start. I want to catch you all up on my morning person goal but first here’s a tip. Before you do anything like grab your phone, use the bathroom, or even scratch your left butt cheek, tell yourself today will be […]

Advice: Coming Out to My Parents as Polyamorous

Question: “My Parents know I’m queer but how do I tell them I’m poly. I don’t want them to be confused when I come home with multiple partners.” – Anon Before I answer, I just want to try and give some info on queer and poly (polyamorous) terms.  Polygamous is the practice of or desire for intimate relationships with […]

LastLxgacyIori latest video Premier this Week

Upcoming independent rapper Last Lxgacy iori just drop his new music video for his latest song “More Likely”. And I got the chance to ask him couple of question about his music vid. -Tell me about the new song you about to drop. and whats the story behind it? More likely(prod by T3A) already been […]

New Hoodies Alert: Awake NY

Angelo Baque creator of the street wear line Awake NY has launched his latest Fall 2017 collection. It’s a simple design, consisting of hoodies, tees and curved-brim baseball caps adorned with the brand’s serif typeface logo. The collection pops out to me because of all the colors they’re available in. While checking out the line […]

Person of the year???

Many of you are probably already aware that “Time” magazine names their own person of the year. Well this blaack Friday it seemed that President Donald Trump dreamt that Time magazine asked him to be their person of the year. The dream must of felt so real that he needed to share it with his […]