#BoycottKeurig Insanity

If you’ve been rooming with Patrick Star and haven’t heard of the recent dumb political stunt people were recently up to let me catch you up. Loyal fans of Sean Hannity have sstarted #boycottkeurig as well as smashing their own Keurigs and even shooting them! Lol I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since these people […]

Giorgio Armani Code Cologne Review

This week I got the chance to try out the Armani Code Cologne. Thanks to Influenster  that sent us a full size cologne for free. Many of you would agree with me that is important to find a great fragrance, so when a great cologne fall on your lap. You must hold on to it […]

Did I offended the Transgender community

So last night i was riding an elevator and a transgender woman enters in on one of the floors. I kind of knew her, like we had spoken once or twice, so I started talking to her, because why not I talk to everyone.Anyway while its obvious she’s a woman, I could tell that she […]

Vans Collaborating with Aries.

Vans are now linking with Aries. The london based label announced the news on their website, they showed off the great colorful sneakers and ready for purchase. Aries is taking on the classic Slip-on and Sk8-Hi silhouettes and putting a cartoon tiger motif all over the sneaker. The slip-on comes in both red color and […]

My First Gents VodBox from Influenster #complementary

Hi ladies and gents today I want to share with you guys. My first ever Vodbox from Influenster. When I received an email that I was one of the chosen ones for this was really excited. Because I’m always looking for new products to try out and share my opinion. That’s why  I love being part […]

The first Nokia Android Phone is Here

Photos of the much rumor Nokia android phone have finally arrive.  I mean even though the pictures are out there now. The date of a release is still unclear. Everything out there about this Nokia has been just rumors. So hope HMD will push the plans for the release of this phone. I know that […]

Revenge Porn on Twitter

Many of you probably already heard of the big scandal that Rob Kardashian created today. His mission today was to ruining Black Chyna ‘s day. It started all on Instagram and then he took it to twitter. He posted nude pictures of Chyna body and body shaming tweets that stayed up on twitter for about […]

The Hundreds collabs with Revelation Records

It looks like now the very popular street wear clothing line, The Hundreds is jumping on the trend of rock bands t-shirt as well. The Hundreds just announced the collaboration with Revelation Records. They teaming and releasing a set of shirts and hoodies dedicated to the greatest bands of the 1990’s. If you remember  Revelation […]

Nike Celebrates Pride Month!!!

As many of you guys this month is Pride month. And Nike started the “Be True” collection back in 2012 as an effort to connect to the LGBTQ community. Nike has even come up with footwear silhouettes such as the Flyknit Racer and and apparel collection. But this year Nike came up with a limited […]

I’m having Sex with my room-mate.

                      I work overseas and got this roommate. We partnered up as to share expenses. He cemented our partnership by having sex with me. Every time I try to separate from him (he makes me shoulder 80% of the expenses), he tells me of his […]